SFA PAC Jack Ciattarelli - NJ Endorsement

Jack Ciattarelli - NJ

Jack Ciattarelli is a phenomenal leader and a successful business owner who is running for governor of New Jersey. Jack’s November 2 election is quickly approaching.

Jack has commonsense solutions to help New Jersey thrive – cut taxes, fix the broken school funding formula, and support our police. He understands the burden of New Jersey’s affordability crisis and has a plan to fix it. He’s pro-police, pro-jobs, and pro-cutting taxes.

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SFA PAC Glenn Youngkin - VA Endorsement

Glenn Youngkin - VA

Glenn Youngkin is running for governor of Virginia against Clinton-ally Terry McAuliffe. Glenn is a businessman who knows what it takes to create jobs and get the economy moving again.

On day one, Glenn will fight to end Critical Race Theory in schools, support our law enforcement, cut costs for families, and jumpstart the economy.

Glenn’s election is quickly approaching. Early voting for the November 2 election has already begun.

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SFA PAC Governor Kim Reynolds - IA Endorsement

Governor Kim Reynolds - IA

Governor Kim Reynolds is running for reelection in IA. Gov. Reynolds reopened schools in Iowa, cut taxes, and signed a pro-police bill into law.

Gov. Reynolds is a true problem solver who is focused on reopening Iowa’s economy, making communities safer, and defeating the Left’s socialist agenda. She is a tough, courageous conservative governor who won’t be bullied by liberals.

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Attorney General

SFA PAC Jason Miyares - VA Endorsement

Jason Miyares - VA

Jason Miyares is a former criminal prosecutor and a strong conservative who is ready to defend and uphold Virginia’s Constitution and fight to keep the people of his state safe. Jason’s mom fled Cuba in 1965 and raised Jason and his two brothers with a passionate love for democracy and America. Jason knows the gift of freedom that America has to offer which is why he fights every day to protect that freedom and do what’s best for the people of his state.

The election for attorney general is just days away and polls have the race in a statistical tie. It is so important we help Jason Miyares win.

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U.S. Senate

SFA PAC Sen. Tim Scott - SC Endorsement

Sen. Tim Scott - SC

Sen. Tim Scott is an incredible leader from the great state of South Carolina. 

He is a successful, independent, self-made businessman and political leader who thinks for himself and isn’t brainwashed by the Left’s victimhood mentality. 

For the past 8 years, few senators have been such strong, principled champions of our Constitution and America first values as Tim Scott. Sen. Scott is a leader in the Senate who nevers stops fighting for America.

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House of Representatives

SFA PAC Rep. Stephanie Bice - OK-05 Endorsement

Rep. Stephanie Bice - OK-05

In 2020, Rep. Stephanie Bice flipped OK-05 from blue to red. This year, Democrats are desperate to put this seat back under Democrat control.

Rep. Bice is a strong conservative who puts America first and never backs down in defense of our conservative values. From supporting our military and strengthening our national security to protecting small businesses and supporting American energy, Rep. Bice is standing up for Americans.

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SFA PAC Rep. Randy Feenstra - IA-04 Endorsement

Rep. Randy Feenstra - IA-04

Rep. Randy Feenstra is a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment conservative representing Iowa’s 4th congressional district.

He’s standing strong against the Biden administration’s socialist spending schemes and is fighting to hold Communist China accountable. 

Rep. Randy Feenstra fights every day for our shared conservative values and it’s important we keep him in Congress.

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SFA PAC Rep. Michelle Fischbach – MN-07 Endorsement

Rep. Michelle Fischbach – MN-07

Rep. Michelle Fischbach outraised and outworked a 30-year incumbent and flipped her district from BLUE to RED for the first time in decades. Rep. Fischbach is a conservative trailblazer. She fights every day to protect the unborn, stand up for families, and stop reckless spending in D.C. Democrats will do everything in their power to flip this seat back which is why it is so important we help her win reelection so she can continue fighting to uphold our values.

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SFA PAC Rep. Tony Gonzales - TX-23 Endorsement

Rep. Tony Gonzales - TX-23

In 2020, Rep. Tony Gonzales won his race in TX-23 by four points. Rep. Gonzales is a staunch conservative, a Navy veteran, and a leader on border security. Every day, he has to deal with the consequences of Biden and Harris’ border crisis. He has 800 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border in his district, and he fights to protect each and every one of them. 

Rep. Gonzales is pushing for significant increases in border security, shutting down dangerous sanctuary cities, and limiting fraud by modernizing our entry and exit system. He is a bold leader we need to keep in Congress.

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SFA PAC Rep. Ashley Hinson - IA-01 Endorsement

Rep. Ashley Hinson - IA-01

When Rep. Ashley Hinson took office in January, she became Nancy Pelosi’s worst nightmare. From day one, she has fought for conservative values, stood against socialism, and challenged the Left’s harmful tax-and-spend agenda. 

Rep. Ashley Hinson is working to lower taxes, hold Communist China accountable, and stand against harmful socialist policies the far Left is ramming through Congress. She goes above and beyond to deliver results for Iowans.

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SFA PAC Rep. Julia Letlow - LA-05 Endorsement

Rep. Julia Letlow - LA-05

Rep. Julia Letlow ran to continue the mission she and her husband Luke started – to defend conservative values, to fight for rural agricultural communities, and to deliver real results for the people of Louisiana. After winning her special election, Rep. Letlow has proven to do just that. She is protecting the unborn, championing Second Amendment rights, supporting our farmers, and standing strong for American jobs and energy.

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SFA PAC Rep. Nicole Malliotakis - NY-11 Endorsement

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis - NY-11

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis defeated her Democrat opponent in 2020 to flip NY-11 from blue to red.

Now, she is AOC’s worst nightmare. She’s a founder of the Freedom Force, defender of capitalism, and isn’t afraid to take on AOC and the Squad. 

As the daughter of immigrants, Nicole knows how dangerous socialism is. That’s why she started the Freedom Force in Congress, and it’s why she works tirelessly to fight for our freedom every day.

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SFA PAC Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks - IA-02 Endorsement

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks - IA-02

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks represents Iowa’s second district. She defeated her Democrat opponent in 2020 by just six votes. When Nancy Pelosi threatened to overturn the results, Stand For America PAC fought to help Rep. Miller-Meeks defend her seat from Pelosi’s power grab.

Rep. Miller-Meeks is a conservative fighter bringing Iowa values to Washington. She’s working hard to protect our border and reopen her our economy.

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SFA PAC Matt Mowers - NH-01 Endorsement

Matt Mowers - NH-01

As a member of President Trump’s State Department team, Matt Mowers always put America first and helped keep our country safe.

Now, he’s running for Congress in NH-01 – a key pick-up opportunity for Republicans – to make sure his son and the next generation of Americans have that same security. 

Matt will use his experience to stand up to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, fight for hard-working families, and reaffirm our American values.

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SFA PAC Rep. Burgess Owens - UT-04 Endorsement

Rep. Burgess Owens - UT-04

Congressman Burgess Owens is a strong conservative leader who stands up for our values every day. In the NFL, in business, and now in Congress, he focuses on solving our challenges through what unites us rather than what divides us. Rep. Owens is not afraid to do what’s right, whether it’s fighting to stop federal funding from going to Critical Race Theory, making sure parents have control of their children’s education, or taking on out of control spending.

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SFA PAC Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar - FL-27 Endorsement

Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar - FL-27

Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar is the proud daughter of parents who fled from Communist Cuba. She knows the serious threat socialism poses, which is why she is unafraid to take on AOC and the squad. 

Rep. Salazar is running in one of the toughest districts in the country. She’s one of just nine Republicans running for reelection in a district Joe Biden won.  She’s a dedicated conservative leader who uses the power of her voice to fight against socialism and defend the freedoms that we are blessed to have in America.

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SFA PAC Rep. Michelle Steel - CA-48 Endorsement

Rep. Michelle Steel - CA-48

In 2020, Rep. Steel flipped a Democrat-held seat in a narrow race that proved strong conservative women can win in California. As an immigrant, a mother, and one of the first Korean-American women to serve in Congress, Rep. Michelle Steel knows the hard work and dedication it takes to fight for a better future. But she also knows that there is still much work to be done – especially with the liberals in charge in Washington. 

That’s why she works every day to fix our broken political system and create more opportunities so everyone has the chance to achieve the American Dream.

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SFA PAC Rep. Claudia Tenney - NY 22 Endorsement

Rep. Claudia Tenney - NY 22

Rep. Claudia Tenney has spent her life being an advocate for her community and standing up for what is right. As a single mom, she juggled the demands of raising her son while running a small business. Now, Rep. Tenney proudly serves in Congress as a staunch advocate for the people of NY-22. She’s working every day to support small businesses, rebuild our economy, generate job growth, and uphold conservative values.

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SFA PAC Rep. Beth Van Duyne - TX-27 Endorsement

Rep. Beth Van Duyne - TX-27

In 2020, Rep. Beth Van Duyne defeated her Democrat opponent in TX-27 by one point. Now, she’s a huge target for the Democrats. 

Rep. Van Duyne knows that socialism is on the rise, our border crisis is only getting worse, and hostile nations are willing to use cyber-attacks, nuclear weapons, and terrorist organizations to destroy us and our allies. She is defending our values every day and fighting to make sure our nation’s future is the strongest possible.

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