SFA PAC Gov. Greg Abbott – TX Endorsement

Gov. Greg Abbott – TX

Gov. Abbott is one of the most important voices fighting to secure our border and is playing a key role in standing up to the Biden administration’s failures. Gov. Abbott funded more boots on the ground, used more advanced technology, and implemented tougher penalties for human traffickers. He banned sanctuary cities in Texas and cracked down on smugglers to combat human trafficking. Gov. Abbott is fighting to uphold the rule of law. It’s important that we help Gov. Abbott win his reelection campaign.

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SFA PAC Christine Drazan – OR Endorsement

Christine Drazan – OR

Christine Drazan’s a fighter who believes Oregon’s best days are ahead. She’s a public servant who will support small businesses and restore law and order. Oregon has only had one Republican governor in the past 50 years.

Right now, polls have Republican Christine Drazan and Democrat Tina Kotek in a dead heat. It’s time to shake things up in Salem and Christine is the candidate to do it.

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SFA PAC Gov. Brian Kemp – GA Endorsement

Gov. Brian Kemp – GA

Under Governor Kemp, Georgia has remained a top state for business and led the nation in economic recovery as our state emerges from a global pandemic. He’s a fighter who kept Georgia open for business, cut income taxes, suspended the gas tax, and brought record new jobs into the Peach State.

Brian Kemp is running for reelection to continue putting hardworking Georgians first, and ensure Georgia remains the best state to live, work, and raise a family.

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SFA PAC Joe Lombardo – NV Endorsement

Joe Lombardo – NV

Joe Lombardo began his service in the United States Army and served in the Army, National Guard, and Army Reserve. After serving our country, he dedicated himself to serving in law enforcement over the last 30 years.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo is the only candidate who can defeat Democrat Steve Sisolak and keep Nevadans safe and prosperous. As governor, he’ll always back the blue, fight for parents to have a voice in their kids’ classrooms, and respect taxpayers’ wallets. Nevada needs a new sheriff in town, and Joe is the man for the job.

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SFA PAC Gov. Kim Reynolds – IA Endorsement

Gov. Kim Reynolds – IA

Governor Kim Reynolds is running for reelection in IA. Gov. Reynolds reopened schools in Iowa, cut taxes, and signed a pro-police bill into law.

Gov. Reynolds is a true problem solver who is focused on reopening Iowa’s economy, making communities safer, and defeating the Left’s socialist agenda. She is a tough, courageous conservative governor who won’t be bullied by liberals.

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SFA PAC Mark Ronchetti – NM Endorsement

Mark Ronchetti – NM

Mark Ronchetti is the conservative outsider who will take on the establishment and return power back to the people of New Mexico. He believes in low taxes, a secure southern border, and safe neighborhoods. He’ll work hard every day to clean up Santa Fe and make New Mexicans proud. Mark is a rockstar for the conservative movement and will make an incredible governor for the people of his state.

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SFA PAC Derek Schmidt – KS Endorsement

Derek Schmidt – KS

As Kansas’ attorney general and chief law enforcement officer, Derek has made it his mission to serve and protect Kansas citizens – especially the most vulnerable. 

Schmidt is a pro-law and order, pro-2A, pro-small business freedom fighter who has taken Biden to court—and won. As governor, he’ll be a strong voice for the people of Kansas, and make sure his state is free from Washington’s liberal overreach.

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SFA PAC Gov. Chris Sununu – NH Endorsement

Gov. Chris Sununu – NH

Chris Sununu is a bold Republican leader serving as the 82nd Governor of the New Hampshire. Governor Sununu fought to make New Hampshire one of the freest states in the nation by cutting taxes, vetoing income taxes, and championing school choice.

Chris Sununu is running for reelection with a proven record of making New Hampshire a better place. He’s a great governor and we’re proud to endorse him.

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SFA PAC Gov. Glenn Youngkin – VA Endorsement

Gov. Glenn Youngkin – VA

Thanks to supporters like you, Glenn WON his race for governor! On day one, Glenn is fighting to end critical race theory, support our law enforcement and jump-start Virginia’s economy.

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Attorney General

SFA PAC Brenna Bird – IA Endorsement

Brenna Bird – IA

Brenna Bird is running for attorney general in Iowa to back the blue, crack down on crime, and keep Iowans safe. Brenna was born and raised in Iowa and has been a prosecutor since 2016. She worked closely with Governor Branstad and then-Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds to lead the fight against the radical overreach of the Obama Administration. Brenna is a freedom fighter who is committed to be a great defender of the people of Iowa.

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SFA PAC Michael Henry – NY Endorsement

Michael Henry – NY

Michael Henry is the outsider New Yorkers need to fight back against the corruption that’s plagued the Empire State. He is pro-law and order, pro-government transparency, and will restore integrity to the NY Attorney General’s office.

His opponent, New York Attorney General Letitia James, has weaponized her political power to attack and silence conservatives. Michael Henry is a bold leader who will actually focus on serving the people of his state instead of launching attacks against conservatives.

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SFA PAC Jason Miyares – VA Endorsement

Jason Miyares – VA

Thanks to supporters like you, Jason Miyares WON his race for Attorney general. Jason Miyares is a former criminal prosecutor and a strong conservative who is ready to defend and uphold Virginia’s Constitution and fight to keep the people of his state safe.

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U.S. Senate

SFA PAC General Don Bolduc – NH Endorsement

General Don Bolduc – NH

General Don Bolduc is an American patriot, serving our country for more than 33 years in the Army Special Forces community. He’s a conservative champion who will defend our freedom, fight for our country’s values, and tackle the big issues facing Americans.

Whether it’s funding the police, securing our border, or turning our economy around, you can bet Don Bolduc will be a tireless advocate for the American people. Bolduc is running for Senate in New Hampshire in an extremely competitive race.

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SFA PAC Rep. Ted Budd – NC Endorsement

Rep. Ted Budd – NC

Ted Budd is a husband, father, congressman, small business owner, and born-and-raised North Carolinian. He is running to be North Carolina’s next U.S. Senator and uphold our constitutional liberties. Ted Budd is a pro-freedom, pro-law enforcement, pro-parent, small business owner who is devoted to serving North Carolina and restoring the values that make America the best country in the world.

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SFA PAC Sen. Ron Johnson – WI Endorsement

Sen. Ron Johnson – WI

Sen. Ron Johnson is a rock solid conservative who won’t back down from a fight. Whether it’s the economy, national security, or punching back on COVID mandates, Ron is unafraid to call out the Left’s hypocrisy. We are lucky to have him in our corner and we can’t wait to see him reelected this November.

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SFA PAC Adam Laxalt – NV Endorsement

Adam Laxalt – NV

Adam is a proud Nevadan, former naval officer, and Iraq War Veteran. Adam’s defended Nevadans on the battlefield and in the courtroom—and he’ll defend them in the United States Senate. 

Nevada is currently rated a toss-up state and will be key to determining whether or not Republicans can retake the Senate. Adam has the experience and resolve to stand up to the liberals in Washington and stand strong for the people of Nevada.

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SFA PAC Sen. Mike Lee – UT Endorsement

Sen. Mike Lee – UT

Senator Mike Lee has defended Utahans’ liberties, lowered taxes, and pushed policies that strengthen American families. From his experience as assistant U.S. attorney in Salt Lake City to his time as a U.S. senator, Mike has proven he is a staunch conservative and defender of the rule of law.

There’s a clear choice in Utah and Mike’s the only one with a proven conservative record.

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SFA PAC Leora Levy – CT Endorsement

Leora Levy – CT

Leora Levy was born in Havana, Cuba and escaped Castro’s Communist Revolution in 1960. Leora knows how harmful Biden’s socialist agenda has been on American families. She was previously nominated as US Ambassador to Chile in October of 2019.

Levy has spent a lifetime advancing conservative solutions to some of our nation’s biggest problems and she’s ready to fight for Connecticut in the U.S. Senate.

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SFA PAC Joe O'Dea – CO Endorsement

Joe O'Dea – CO

Joe O’Dea is a no-nonsense small business owner who will fight inflation, defend our borders, protect kids’ education, and will be tough on crime.

His opponent, Michael Bennet, continually votes to support Biden’s inflation-fueling, liberal agenda. Coloradans need a strong voice like Joe O’Dea in D.C. who will vote against Biden’s reckless agenda.

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SFA PAC Dr. Mehmet Oz – PA Endorsement

Dr. Mehmet Oz – PA

Dr. Oz is running for U.S. Senate in one of the most critical swing states in the country—Pennsylvania. He is a conservative leader, surgeon, fighter, and healthcare advocate who will bring a dose of common sense to the Senate. He’ll stop the damage being done by Biden and the liberals in DC. A Republican majority hinges on Pennsylvania and Dr. Oz is the key to winning the Senate.

Dr. Oz will fight to lower taxes, support law enforcement, and protect parental rights.

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SFA PAC Sen. Marco Rubio – FL Endorsement

Sen. Marco Rubio – FL

Marco Rubio is a proud American who is passionate about getting this country back on track. He has defended our Constitution, held the Left accountable for their disastrous policies, and has firmly stood up for the American people.

Now, this is our chance to stand up for him. He’s stood toe-to-toe with dictators in Venezuela, Cuba, and the Middle East, and he’s never apologized for the United States. While Val Demings is busy backing the Squad, Floridians know that Marco has their backs. We’re proud to support Senator Marco Rubio in this important race.

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SFA PAC Sen. Tim Scott – SC Endorsement

Sen. Tim Scott – SC

Sen. Tim Scott is an incredible leader from the great state of South Carolina. 

He is a successful, independent, self-made businessman and political leader who thinks for himself and isn’t brainwashed by the Left’s victimhood mentality. 

For the past 8 years, few senators have been such strong, principled champions of our Constitution and America first values as Tim Scott. Sen. Scott is a leader in the Senate who nevers stops fighting for America.

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SFA PAC Tiffany Smiley – WA Endorsement

Tiffany Smiley – WA

Tiffany Smiley is a nurse, military wife, veterans’ advocate, and fighter who’s taken on the D.C. bureaucracy and won. Most importantly, she’s a mom who knows that our kids’ education is key to America’s success. Smiley is no stranger to going up against federal bureaucrats.

A Republican hasn’t won a senate race in Washington State since 1994, but recent polling shows that Republican Tiffany Smiley has a chance to change that. She’s an American patriot and we are proud to endorse her.

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SFA PAC Herschel Walker – GA Endorsement

Herschel Walker – GA

Republican Herschel Walker is the clear choice for the U.S. Senate in Georgia. From crushing it on the college and professional football fields to owning a successful business and being a spokesman for an organization that provides mental health services for our troops, Herschel Walker has done just about everything. Now, he’s taking on his next challenge and facing his biggest race yet by running for Senate. We need Herschel Walker in the Senate running circles around Chuck Schumer.

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House of Representatives

SFA PAC Amanda Adkins – KS-03 Endorsement

Amanda Adkins – KS-03

Amanda is a mother, a leader in business innovation, a healthcare champion, and a dedicated conservative who will fight to uphold America’s values in Congress. 

Amanda has a proven track record of achieving results in business and politics. She is exactly the type of leader we need to reverse course after two years of total Democrat control and get our country back on track.

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SFA PAC April Becker – NV-03 Endorsement

April Becker – NV-03

April Becker is a bold Republican, a mom of three, and a top-rated litigator and real estate attorney in Las Vegas. She’s ready to retire liberal congresswoman Susie Lee in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District has been named a toss up and April is the right conservative for the job.

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SFA PAC Rep. Stephanie Bice – OK-05 Endorsement

Rep. Stephanie Bice – OK-05

In 2020, Rep. Stephanie Bice flipped OK-05 from blue to red. This year, Democrats are desperate to put this seat back under Democrat control.

Rep. Bice is a strong conservative who puts America first and never backs down in defense of our conservative values. From supporting our military and strengthening our national security to protecting small businesses and supporting American energy, Rep. Bice is standing up for Americans.

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SFA PAC Lori Chavez-DeRemer — OR-05 Endorsement

Lori Chavez-DeRemer — OR-05

Mayor Lori Chavez-DeRemer’s commonsense solutions made Happy Valley the fastest-growing city in Oregon. As mayor, she kept the city on a budget, lowered taxes, funded the police, and prioritized kids’ education—and when she’s in Congress, she’ll do that for all of Oregon.

Lori is running to flip OR-05 to make sure the next generation of Oregonians have a shot at the American Dream.

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SFA PAC Monica De La Cruz – TX-15 Endorsement

Monica De La Cruz – TX-15

Republican Monica De La Cruz is fighting for every vote in TX-15, a key pick-up opportunity for the GOP. Monica is an embodiment of the American Dream, putting herself through college, opening her own insurance agency, and now, owning three successful small businesses.

That’s why she’ll do everything she can to protect the American Dream for others. Whether it’s supporting stronger border security or working to stop inflation, Monica De La Cruz is prepared to stand for Americans.

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SFA PAC Rep. Randy Feenstra – IA-04 Endorsement

Rep. Randy Feenstra – IA-04

Rep. Randy Feenstra is a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment conservative representing Iowa’s 4th congressional district.

He’s standing strong against the Biden administration’s socialist spending schemes and is fighting to hold Communist China accountable. 

Rep. Randy Feenstra fights every day for our shared conservative values and it’s important we keep him in Congress.

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SFA PAC Rep. Michelle Fischbach – MN-07 Endorsement

Rep. Michelle Fischbach – MN-07

Rep. Michelle Fischbach outraised and outworked a 30-year incumbent and flipped her district from BLUE to RED for the first time in decades. Rep. Fischbach is a conservative trailblazer. She fights every day to protect the unborn, stand up for families, and stop reckless spending in D.C. Democrats will do everything in their power to flip this seat back which is why it is so important we help her win reelection so she can continue fighting to uphold our values.

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SFA PAC Rep. Mayra Flores – TX-34 Endorsement

Rep. Mayra Flores – TX-34

Rep. Mayra Flores made history when she flipped TX-34 in a special election earlier this year. Mayra’s personal experience makes her a passionate believer in freedom and limited government. At six years old, Mayra Flores traveled from Mexico to the U.S. and became a naturalized American citizen. As the wife of a U.S. Border Patrol agent, Mayra has seen the havoc caused by our broken immigration system.

She knows that there is no freedom without security, and she is determined to secure our border, restore law and order, and preserve the American Dream.

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SFA PAC Cassy Garcia – TX-28 Endorsement

Cassy Garcia – TX-28

Cassy Garcia is Texas tough and she’s not afraid to punch back on Biden’s reckless agenda that has devastated the Lone Star State. She’s pro-farmer, pro-small business, and pro-border security. South Texas needs a new voice in Congress and they have no stronger fighter than Cassy Garcia.

Cassy Garcia is a bold conservative who is ready to flip TX-28 and get to work on day one for the people of South Texas.

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SFA PAC Rep. Tony Gonzales – TX-23 Endorsement

Rep. Tony Gonzales – TX-23

In 2020, Rep. Tony Gonzales won his race in TX-23 by four points. Rep. Gonzales is a staunch conservative, a Navy veteran, and a leader on border security. Every day, he has to deal with the consequences of Biden and Harris’ border crisis. He has 800 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border in his district, and he fights to protect each and every one of them. 

Rep. Gonzales is pushing for significant increases in border security, shutting down dangerous sanctuary cities, and limiting fraud by modernizing our entry and exit system. He is a bold leader we need to keep in Congress.

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SFA PAC Jennifer-Ruth Green – IN-01 Endorsement

Jennifer-Ruth Green – IN-01

Jennifer-Ruth Green is an Air Force Academy graduate, an Iraq war combat veteran, and now a Lt. Col. In the Indiana Air National Guard. She is a community leader and founder of MissionAero Pipeline, a non-profit reaching at-risk youth that seeks to inspire STEM careers in the aerospace industry.

A Republican hasn’t held Indiana’s 1st District in 94 years. Jennifer-Ruth is the battle-proven leader, trailblazer, and selfless servant that Indiana deserves.

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SFA PAC Rep. Ashley Hinson – IA-02 Endorsement

Rep. Ashley Hinson – IA-02

When Rep. Ashley Hinson took office in January, she became Nancy Pelosi’s worst nightmare. From day one, she has fought for conservative values, stood against socialism, and challenged the Left’s harmful tax-and-spend agenda. 

Rep. Ashley Hinson is working to lower taxes, hold Communist China accountable, and stand against harmful socialist policies the far Left is ramming through Congress. She goes above and beyond to deliver results for Iowans.

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SFA PAC Wesley Hunt – TX-38 Endorsement

Wesley Hunt – TX-38

Wesley Hunt is an Army Combat veteran, a Texas native, and a strong conservative running for Congress in TX-38. He’s a proud American, tireless fighter, and strong leader who will stand up to the liberals in Washington to fix our economy, defend parents’ right to participate in their children’s education, secure our border, and stop out of control inflation.

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SFA PAC John James – MI-10 Endorsement

John James – MI-10

John James is a father, husband, businessman, and veteran. He graduated from West Point and served eight years in the U.S. Army. As a businessman, he knows how to grow Michigan’s economy. As a father, he understands the importance of a quality education. As a veteran, he will never stop fighting to defend America. John James is the embodiment of the American Dream. He knows better than anyone that America is the land of opportunity and we have to fight to keep it that way.

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SFA PAC Tom Kean – NJ-07 Endorsement

Tom Kean – NJ-07

Tom Kean has been devoted to the people of New Jersey for years and understands what it means to serve with integrity. He is committed to reviving New Jersey’s small businesses and increasing job opportunities across the state. He will continue to fight to lower taxes, help businesses grow, and will serve the 7th district with integrity. New Jersey families deserve an honest leader like Tom Kean who’s dedicated his life to public service.

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SFA PAC Jen Kiggans – VA-02 Endorsement

Jen Kiggans – VA-02

Jen is a bold leader who stands for conservative values, will work to support our veterans, stop the Left from defunding our law enforcement, and fight for school choice. She’s a veteran, a mom, and a nurse practitioner who has always focused on serving others. 

She is running to flip Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District red in a competitive general election. Jen Kiggans is ready to defend parents’ voices in the classroom and is committed to delivering for veterans. Virginians have a fighter in Jen Kiggans.

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SFA PAC Esther Joy King – IL-17 Endorsement

Esther Joy King – IL-17

As a JAG officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, Esther understands what it means to serve. And her time growing up on the southern border showed her the devastation that can come from open-border policies. Esther is running for Congress because she sees the struggles facing American families, and she knows it doesn’t have to be this way.

Esther Joy King is running for the 17th Congressional District of Illinois to create a better life for Illinoisans.

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SFA PAC Rep. Young Kim – CA-40 Endorsement

Rep. Young Kim – CA-40

Young Kim is an immigrant, a mother, and one of the first Korean-American women elected to Congress. She works every day to eliminate the hurdles caused by a broken political system and create more opportunities so that everyone has the chance to achieve the American dream. In 2020, she flipped a Democrat-held seat in California. After dealing such a huge loss to the Democrats, you can only imagine how much energy and resources the Democrats are prepared to spend to try and defeat her. She’s a proven leader and tireless fighter for the American people who we need in Congress.

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SFA PAC Rep. Julia Letlow – LA-05 Endorsement

Rep. Julia Letlow – LA-05

Rep. Julia Letlow ran to continue the mission she and her husband Luke started – to defend conservative values, to fight for rural agricultural communities, and to deliver real results for the people of Louisiana. After winning her special election, Rep. Letlow has proven to do just that. She is protecting the unborn, championing Second Amendment rights, supporting our farmers, and standing strong for American jobs and energy.

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SFA PAC George Logan – CT-05 Endorsement

George Logan – CT-05

George Logan is a small business leader, engineer, and most importantly, a father who knows that America’s best days are ahead. He’ll lower taxes, protect our kids’ education, and stand with law enforcement. George has lived the American Dream, and when he’s in Congress, he’ll fight to keep it alive.

George has spent his life finding ways to solve problems big and small, and he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the same for CT-05 to deliver better outcomes for the people of Connecticut.

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SFA PAC Morgan Luttrell – TX-08 Endorsement

Morgan Luttrell – TX-08

Morgan Luttrell is a father, Navy SEAL, and a former Special Advisor at the Department of Energy, and now he’s running for Congress. As a combat veteran, Morgan knows what it means to put everything on the line to defend our country. As a 5th generation Texan, he knows the threat that Biden’s weak border policies inflict on our country, and he knows our border must be secured now. As an American patriot, Morgan knows that Washington, D.C. needs a tough leader who will stand up for education, take on the socialist assaults, defend our values, and put Americans first. He’s a dedicated conservative we need fighting for us in Congress.

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SFA PAC Nancy Mace – SC-01 Endorsement

Nancy Mace – SC-01

Nancy Mace is a single mom of two children, the first woman to graduate from The Citadel, and a strong conservative leader. She’s a fighter who stands up to Biden’s reckless spending, punches back against lawless lockdowns and mandates, and is strong on border security. During her first term, Nancy Mace has been running circles around Nancy Pelosi. Rep. Nancy Mace needs you one her side as she continues her fight to stand for America and our values.

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SFA PAC Rep. Nicole Malliotakis – NY-11 Endorsement

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis – NY-11

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis defeated her Democrat opponent in 2020 to flip NY-11 from blue to red.

Now, she is AOC’s worst nightmare. She’s a founder of the Freedom Force, defender of capitalism, and isn’t afraid to take on AOC and the Squad. 

As the daughter of immigrants, Nicole knows how dangerous socialism is. That’s why she started the Freedom Force in Congress, and it’s why she works tirelessly to fight for our freedom every day.

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SFA PAC Rep. Michael McCaul – TX-10 Endorsement

Rep. Michael McCaul – TX-10

Rep. McCaul is an across-the-board conservative and a fourth generation Texan who has been fighting to protect Americans since day one. Rep. McCaul served as Chief of Counter Terrorism and National Security in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Texas and led the Joint Terrorism Task Force. He also served as Texas Deputy Attorney General and now serves Texas’ 10th District in Congress. He’s a bold leader who is holding China accountable, securing our border, and supporting strong foreign policies.

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SFA PAC Rep. Lisa McClain – MI-09 Endorsement

Rep. Lisa McClain – MI-09

Lisa McClain is a lifelong Michigander, mom of four, wife, and conservative congresswoman. With more than 30 years of experience in the business world, she knows the policies small businesses need to thrive. 

Lisa McClain is a tried and true conservative who’s defended Michigan families, farmers, and taxpayer dollars from Biden’s socialist agenda. She’s proven herself and deserves to be reelected.

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SFA PAC Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks – IA-01 Endorsement

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks – IA-01

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks represents Iowa’s new first district. She defeated her Democrat opponent in 2020 by just six votes. When Nancy Pelosi threatened to overturn the results, Stand For America PAC fought to help Rep. Miller-Meeks defend her seat from Pelosi’s power grab.

Rep. Miller-Meeks is a conservative fighter bringing Iowa values to Washington. She’s working hard to protect our border and reopen her our economy.

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SFA PAC Zach Nunn – IA-03 Endorsement

Zach Nunn – IA-03

Zach Nunn is a proud combat veteran, father, husband, and conservative leader. Following his military service, Zach was elected to the Iowa House of Representatives and later the Iowa Senate. He is running for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District to defend Iowa values, protect farmers, back the blue, and keep taxpayer dollars safe.

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SFA PAC Rep. Burgess Owens – UT-04 Endorsement

Rep. Burgess Owens – UT-04

Congressman Burgess Owens is a strong conservative leader who stands up for our values every day. In the NFL, in business, and now in Congress, he focuses on solving our challenges through what unites us rather than what divides us. Rep. Owens is not afraid to do what’s right, whether it’s fighting to stop federal funding from going to Critical Race Theory, making sure parents have control of their children’s education, or taking on out of control spending.

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SFA PAC Sarah Palin – AK Endorsement

Sarah Palin – AK

Sarah Palin made history when she was sworn in as the first female and youngest governor of Alaska. Prior to her election as governor, she served two terms on the Wasilla City Council and two terms as the mayor of Wasilla.

As mayor and governor, she cut taxes, fought for small businesses, slashed the state budget, vetoed wasteful spending, and showed the country what a proud conservative woman looks like. She recently ran for Congress in Alaska.

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SFA PAC Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar – FL-27 Endorsement

Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar – FL-27

Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar is the proud daughter of parents who fled from Communist Cuba. She knows the serious threat socialism poses, which is why she is unafraid to take on AOC and the squad. 

Rep. Salazar is running in one of the toughest districts in the country. She’s one of just nine Republicans running for reelection in a district Joe Biden won.  She’s a dedicated conservative leader who uses the power of her voice to fight against socialism and defend the freedoms that we are blessed to have in America.

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SFA PAC Lisa Scheller – PA-07 Endorsement

Lisa Scheller – PA-07

Lisa Scheller knows firsthand the power of an education and promise of the American Dream. She overcame unthinkable hardship to become a CEO, engineer, and most importantly, a mom. She is committed to empowering parents, securing our nation’s border, and standing up to woke cancel culture. With her experience, she knows the value of the dollar and hard work. 

She is running in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District against a Democrat incumbent in a crucial race Republicans must win to take back the House.

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SFA PAC Rep. Victoria Spartz – IN-05 Endorsement

Rep. Victoria Spartz – IN-05

Growing up in socialist-controlled Ukraine, Victoria Spartz experienced firsthand the dark side of socialism. She embodies the American Dream: born overseas, immigrating to the United States 20 years ago, becoming a U.S. citizen, and working her way up from bank teller to a CPA, finance executive and successful business owner.

For Victoria Spartz, the fight against socialism is personal. She has fought for a bipartisan ban on Russian oil-and-gas imports and for critical sanctions against Russia. She has also been an advocate for increased humanitarian efforts to help the people of Ukraine.

Now as the only Ukrainian American serving in Congress, she is leading the charge to hold Russia accountable for its horrific invasion of Ukraine.

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SFA PAC Rep. Michelle Steel – CA-45 Endorsement

Rep. Michelle Steel – CA-45

In 2020, Rep. Steel flipped a Democrat-held seat in a narrow race that proved strong conservative women can win in California. As an immigrant, a mother, and one of the first Korean-American women to serve in Congress, Rep. Michelle Steel knows the hard work and dedication it takes to fight for a better future. But she also knows that there is still much work to be done – especially with the liberals in charge in Washington. 

That’s why she works every day to fix our broken political system and create more opportunities so everyone has the chance to achieve the American Dream.

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SFA PAC Rep. Claudia Tenney – NY-24 Endorsement

Rep. Claudia Tenney – NY-24

Rep. Claudia Tenney has spent her life being an advocate for her community and standing up for what is right. As a single mom, she juggled the demands of raising her son while running a small business. Now, Rep. Tenney proudly serves in Congress as a staunch advocate for the people of NY-24. She’s working every day to support small businesses, rebuild our economy, generate job growth, and uphold conservative values.

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SFA PAC Rep. Beth Van Duyne – TX-24 Endorsement

Rep. Beth Van Duyne – TX-24

In 2020, Rep. Beth Van Duyne defeated her Democrat opponent in TX-27 by one point. Now, she’s a huge target for the Democrats in the newly redistricted TX-24. 

Rep. Van Duyne knows that socialism is on the rise, our border crisis is only getting worse, and hostile nations are willing to use cyber-attacks, nuclear weapons, and terrorist organizations to destroy us and our allies. She is defending our values every day and fighting to make sure our nation’s future is the strongest possible.

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SFA PAC Derrick Van Orden – WI-03 Endorsement

Derrick Van Orden – WI-03

Derrick Van Orden is a Navy SEAL and family man who’s never stood on the sidelines. In Washington, he’ll defend Wisconsin values, fight for our farmers, and hold Biden’s foreign policy accountable. He is facing one of the most competitive races in the country — one Republicans must win to flip the House in November. He’s an American patriot and conservative champion we need in Congress.

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SFA PAC Yesli Vega — VA-07 Endorsement

Yesli Vega — VA-07

Yesli Vega is a mom, a military wife, and a law enforcement officer. She’s the daughter of Salvadoran immigrants and a product of the American Dream. She’ll fight Biden’s reckless agenda that’s led to skyrocketing inflation, open borders, and global embarrassment. She’ll never back down from a challenge, and will make Virginia’s 7th District proud.

This race will come down to the wire and Yesli Vega is ready to flip this seat red.

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SFA PAC Rep. Michael Waltz – FL-06 Endorsement

Rep. Michael Waltz – FL-06

Rep. Waltz is a conservative leader who is standing up to China. He called on Olympic Committees to boycott the Beijing Olympics, pushed for China to be stripped of its sovereign immunity, and co-sponsored the “Defund the Wuhan Institute of Virology Act,” as well as many other important bills.

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