We believe America is inherently good. We believe the ideals that gave birth to our country were revolutionary and worthy of protection. Unfortunately, we live at a time when many people want to remake the very idea of America.

Instead of capitalism, they call for socialism. Instead of free speech, they silence anyone who disagrees with them. Instead of building up the American Dream, they want to enact policies that will make it a pipedream. Instead of encouraging hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit, they put their faith in big government. Instead of strong national security, they want to open our borders, defund our police, and cave to foreign terrorists. Instead of celebrating all that is good about America, they seek to rewrite our history.

America is not perfect, but we believe the American idea is perfect. The American story is an ongoing journey to do better, learn from our mistakes, and strive every day to live up to that vision.

Stand For America PAC was created to support principled conservatives who will join us in this mission.

We will focus on issues that are essential to our economy, our security, and America’s basic liberties. We will support candidates who will oppose policies that include:

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